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Our agency specializes in developing mobile applications using REACT Native

Custom Mobile App Development

2PW offers you its design and development service for innovative and tailor-made mobile applications. We are able to create all types of mobile projects.

This first stage is essential! Indeed, it allows us to fully understand your needs in terms of our collaboration but also in terms of the functionalities of your application. We will review together all the key points essential to the success of your application
  • What are your goals with this app?
  • Who is the target of this app?
  • Which features do you envision and how do they serve your purposes?

In this second step, we are working on the actual design of the application. This step is broken down into two steps:
  • The UX (User Experience) wich aims to improve the user's interaction with your app
  • The second step consist of dressing up our application, this is called the UI (User Interface).

This is where the developers will shine! They translate all that has been decided since then into code... and into a functional application. Throughout development, in addition to the « manual » tests that developers perform on their code, they set up unit tests. Unit tests are small pieces of code that check that at all times each component of the application behaves normally. This is crucial for identifying potential problems

Finally we press the big red button and your application is published on the Google and Apple stores.

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